Electrocoagulation hook

Ablation electrode (surgical haemostatic device) coagulation hook with synchronous smoking function, suction tube and coagulator as a whole, suction port connected to the coagulation hook, in the start of coagulation synchronously start the suction function, the coagulation of smoke generated by the smoke attracted to the closed suction system, when the coagulation is turned off, also synchronously shut down the suction function.

As the smoke is generated during the process of electrocoagulation, the use of this instrument can immediately suction the smoke at the moment of its generation, to avoid smoke dispersion to the entire abdominal cavity and affect the field of vision due to the exhaust volume is very small, and will not cause a rapid drop in pneumoperitoneum pressure and affect the operation.

This product can be used to prevent unnecessary pneumoperitoneum loss by switching off the smoke exhaust function with the air valve at the end of the product if the smoke generation is small and does not affect the surgery.

Smoke is discharged through a closed suction system to avoid causing injury to medical personnel.

The electrode does not require specialised pneumoperitoneum and laparoscopic equipment, and can be compatible with various types of laparoscopic equipment and operating theatre conditions widely used at home and abroad at present.

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Electrocoagulation hook
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