Shaver System

Main part [IV type] Control system adopts high-performance intelligent microprocessor control chip, 

constant speed closed-loop drive control, i.e. no-load and full-load speed change within ≤5%. 

BF type electrical safety design and 100-240v wide voltage input design. 

Power handle automatic identification; positive and negative speed hand/foot control switching and reverse sound prompt; torque overload warning and fault alarm prompt. 

High speed handle working parameters can be displayed in real time, 

speed display 0-80000rprm; with grinding expansion function (straight shank grinding head handle, 

curved shank grinding head handle); 

drive grinding head power handle has 0.2S speed stop function when working. 

The planing function mode setting includes forward and reverse rotation and acceleration/deceleration adjustment, 

upper limit setting of oscillating speed and time setting of oscillating frequency (0.3-1s second).

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Shaver System
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01Shaver System

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